Q: What is your warranty policy on repairs?

A: There is a 180-day warranty on all replaced parts. However, this does not apply to any physical damage, water damage or abuse.

Q: Can you fix my phone?

A: Most likely! We diagnose and repair most problems on GSM and CDMA cell phones, including damaged LCDs, lenses, flex cables, speakers, microphones, keypads, tracking balls, charging ports, etc., as well as malfunctioning software, power-on issues and water damage.

Q: What does the repair price estimate include? Does it include just the labor?

A: The repair price estimate we give you includes parts and labor.

Q: What is going to happen if I no longer wish to have my electronics repair done at Cellmall?

A: If you make the decision that you no longer want to have your electronic repair work done by Cellmall, a thirty-five dollar bench fee will be applied to all declined repairs. 

Q: Will my repair cause data loss on my device?

A: Sometimes certain damage your electronic device receives may cause data loss, but nothing that the Cellmall technicians do will cause loss of data. If we need to wipe all the data, we will ask for customers’ permissions. 

Q: My toddler dropped my Blackberry phone in the toilet, what do I do?

A: Remove the battery from the Blackberry immediately. Bring your liquid damaged phone to Cellmall and we will gladly take over from there!

Q: Can Cellmall backup data on my device?

A: If you want to backup data stored on your device, you have come to the right place! Our technicians are fully capable of backing up data to ensure you don't lost any of it. You can choose to store the data in your own memory card or in your new phone.

Q: Are the repair technicians at Cellmall able to repair a water damaged phone?

A: There is a very high success rate in Cellmall technicians being able to restore electronic devices that have suffered water damage. A water damaged phone or other tech should be brought in as soon as possible after the damage occurs.

Q: How do I find out the make and model of my phone?

A: Remove the battery from your phone and look for the model number written inside the phone. For iPhones, look on the back of your phone. The “make” is the manufacturer, such as Sony Ericsson or Blackberry. The model is usually a number or letter/number combination, such as w580i or 8100. The make and model in these examples are “Sony Ericsson w580i” and “Blackberry 8100.”

Q: How do I find out the IMEI number of my phone?

A: Type *#06# into your phone and the number will appear on your screen. For some Blackberry phones, you may have to get the IMEI number by going to "options" then "status" in the menu. On Sidekick / Hiptop phones, the IMEI number may also be found on the backside of the screen. For unlocking, it is always better to get the IMEI number from within phone's software rather than by checking under the battery.

Q: What is unlocking?

A: GSM and AWS wireless providers lock their cell phones to ensure that they will only work with their network. Unlocking allows you to use your current GSM or AWS mobile phone with other GSM service providers (your phone will no longer be “locked” to one network). This means that you will be able to use your cell phone with other wireless providers, including prepaid and overseas, by simply inserting a new active SIM card inside it!