Apple's iPhone 8 could be years ahead of Android rivals, thanks to this technology

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The hype around Apple's upcoming iPhone 8 is constantly on the rise as the device's highly anticipated September unveiling nears. Adding to the soaring excitement, a new report from KGI analysts Ming-Chi Kuo says that the Cupertino-based tech company has made some significant advancements in 3D sensing technology that rivals like Qualcomm cannot match until at least 2019.

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Google Chrome will soon allow permanent muting of websites

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The development team behind Google Chrome for computers is working on a neat new feature. In the future, the browser will let you permanently mute any specific website. The switch making this possible is currently being experimented with in Chrome's Canary branch, which is the most cutting edge of them all. At the moment, the toggle can be found inside the Page Info bubble, as evidenced by the picture below.

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iPhone 8: Gesture controls fully replace the home button, new report claims

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The upcoming iPhone 8 (or iPhone X, or iPhone Edition) that Apple might unveil at a rumored event on September 12 will completely kill one of the most iconic features of all its predecessors: the home button. This has been a staple ever since the first iPhone launched ten years ago, but according to a new report the iPhone 8 will not have any semblance of such a button - not even a software-rendered one.

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iPhone 8 wireless charging reportedly not fast

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It's pretty much confirmed that the premium Apple iPhone 8 (or iPhone Pro, or whatever it's called) will include wireless charging but the specifics of how it will work and if it will use a wireless charging standard or something proprietary (as Apple tends to do). But, the latest report says the iPhone 8 wireless charging might not be too fast.

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