How to take screenshots on Android

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There are times when you really need to share to others what’s on your Android device’s screen. At such moments, you’ll need to capture screenshots, which are nothing more than snapshots of whatever is currently showing on your screen. App developers take lots of screenshots to document their apps. Writers take screenshots to complement their online articles. Some gamers take screenshots of their game sessions. There are varied reasons for needing Android screenshots.

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Security & Privacy: Malware and Beyond The Many Shapes of Device Security

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Security and Privacy are two vitally important components of any successful society. Today’s connected world, where we carry computers in our pockets and share all our details on social networks, makes them even more so.

This section of Pocketnow is devoted to why security and privacy are important, how you can protect yourself in today’s connected world, and pitfalls to be aware of and avoid — with the objective of helping you and your loved ones stay safe in an ever-changing world.

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Google to end Android Market support for Android 2.1 Eclair and older

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Google is ending support for the Android Market app on Android 2.1 Eclair and older devices on June 30, 2017. When this change happens, users on these devices will no longer be able to access, or install other apps from, the Android Market. The Android Market was replaced by Google Play in 2012.

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How to disable the annoying Game Launcher notifications on the Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus

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Though owners of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus will no doubt be generally satisfied with their purchase — there is one gripe which seems to be annoying some users: Samsung’s Game Optimizing service.

Specifically, the way Samsung’s Game Optimizing service pushes ads to the handset. These game promotions are sent to the S8 and S8 Plus through notifications, but they aren’t being particularly well received (one Reddit comment sums up the general consensus: “I didn’t pay $1000 just to get ads on my phone”).

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