Google finally fixes Bluetooth connectivity issues on the Pixel and Pixel XL

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It's been more than a month since Google acknowledged an issue with Bluetooth connectivity on the Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones, and the Mountain View company has finally announced that it has addressed the bug.

The problem started to affect the Pixel phones soon after the February security patch was released and persisted throughout the month of March. Today, a Googler confirmed the company fixed the bug that's been identified last month.

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iTunes 12.6 update comes with "rent once, watch anywhere" feature

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Tuesday’s excitement over Apple’s announcement of the Product Red iPhone 7 and 7 plus, and a new 9.7” iPad, completely stole the show for quite a newsworthy update in iTunes 12.6. The latest update of the software now allows you to “rent once, watch anywhere”, putting an end to Apple’s annoying one-device-only playback restrictions.

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The Google app on Android might be getting a facelift soon

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If you own an Android smartphone, there's a good chance you're heavily invested within Google's ecosystem of apps and services. Between YouTube, Maps, Play Music, and even oddities such as Supersonic Fun Voice Messenger, the amount of Google-made services that you have available to you right out of the gate on Android is almost immeasurable. Among all of these services, the default Google app still remains as one of the most functional tools for getting things done. It works and feels nice in its current form, but new reports online suggest that the app may be in for a makeover in the near future.

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Galaxy S8 launch delayed one week to April 28; no cause mentioned

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Samsung is reported to have changed up its Galaxy S8 release plans several times over the past few months. One of the latest whispers we got was that the chaebol was tracking down how its rival’s spring flagship, the LG G6, performed in the market to see if it needed to rush sales.

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