Here is why the Essential Phone exists: 6 principles that make it different from others

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A company unveiled a new phone today.

In a world of tens, if not hundred of great devices, the announcement of the Essential Phone, the first handset from the namesake company conceived by Android creator Andy Rubin himself, will feel like one of many in just a few days.

In order for a phone to truly stand out these days, it needs more than just specs: it needs a solid reason to exist.

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Judy, Judy, Judy; Malware affects as many as 36.5 million Android devices

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Last week, researchers at Check Point discovered malware called "Judy" that could have infected as many as 36.5 million Android devices. The auto-clicking adware generates large numbers of fraudulent clicks on ads, resulting in large sums being paid to the hackers behind the operation. The malware was found on 41 apps offered by a Korean firm, and quickly spread between 4.5 million and 18.5 million downloads.

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How OEM skins benefit stock Android

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We all have our own reasons for loving Android, ranging from our favourite OEMs design language to a great feature that can’t be found elsewhere, or perhaps just a great value price point. This is mostly thanks to some healthy competition and a sprinkling of strong product diversity. But this isn’t just true for hardware, Android software can be just as diverse, as OEMs attempt to put their own spin on things in a bid to stand out. Some more successfully than others, it has to be said.

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Apple iPad mini could be discontinued

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Apple is reportedly planning to discontinue the iPad mini, its 7.9-inch tablet that's been available since 2012. Of course, the tablet is now at its fourth iteration - iPad mini 4 - but this hasn't been properly updated since its original launch in 2015.

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