HTC U11 Edge Sense: what can it do?

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The latest 2017 flagships all have one or two unique features that help them stand out from the crowd. Whether we’re talking about an 18:9 aspect ratio display, a dual camera setup, or a secondary screen, it’s really great to see smartphone manufacturers experiment with new features in an attempt to be more compelling to consumers.

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iOS 11 is announced with improvements to Siri, Apple Pay, Photos and lots more

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We can't always predict what Apple's next big announcement is going to bring, but this one we saw coming. At WWDC 2017, the company announced iOS 11 – the latest major update to its mobile operating system. The newest iteration adds numerous improvements that iPhone users will be enjoying later this year, and the list of upgrades that iPads are going to get is even more substantial. So let's dive in the paragraphs below where we go into more detail.

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iPhone tips and tricks: Simple way to turn on or off read receipts on iMessage

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Apple iPhone users have the exclusive privilege of iMessage and Facetime, which helps them stay connected with their other iPhone user friends. Look at it as the benefits of a private club.

While Facetime is used for video calling, iMessage works as an instant messenger for iPhone users. Just like WhatsApp, iMessage has a feature that lets you see if the recipient has received and read a message. It is a helpful feature, but some users would rather have that feature disabled not to dampen the sender's mood if unable to reply.

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Confirmed: All Nokia smartphones going global by the end of June

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We're 100% sure that Nokia fans are very anxious to get their hands on the new Android smartphones unveiled by HMD Global earlier this year. Although the Finnish company confirmed the Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 would be available on the market in Q2, it didn't offer a definite ETA for any of these devices.

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