New Nokia 3310 goes official with incredible battery life and a new version of Snake

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Nokia just brought brought back one of the most — if not the most — legendary mobile phone ever from its long, long retirement. Say hello to the new Nokia 3310!

It's truly a modern classic reborn, as the company puts it, in the most literal way imaginable. The new 3310 is a lot like its predecessor, in that it boasts incredible battery life (22 hours of talk time and a month of stand-by), and it also plays Snake! The version of the legendary game that comes pre-loaded on the device is not a carbon copy of the original, however, so keep this in mind if you're planning on buying the new 3310 just for it.

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New bug shuts down Bluetooth on the Google Pixel and Pixel XL

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You might recall the audio issue that affected some Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL units. At high volume settings, the audio sounded distorted. Eventually, Google admitted that the problem was a hardware issue, leaving a warranty replacement as the answer for those with a problem phone. The latest issue affecting the Google designed, HTC built handsets, has to do with a bug that is turning off Bluetooth without any input from the user.

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Charge your smartphone faster with these simple tricks

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Smartphone and battery life are related terms. Smartphone users face issues with battery life, especially Android users. Leaving the battery life apart, the other issue is charging their smartphone faster.

Well, it is a tough task as you might tend to use your phone while you plug in the charger. By saying using, we mean connecting to the internet, browsing the web, chatting with friends, etc. These activities will slow down the process of charging. To make it faster, the smartphone manufacturers are coming up with fast charging technology that is inbuilt in their offerings, but not all phones have the same.

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What exactly is Night Mode and does it help smartphone users

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The night mode was a functionality that was rolled out by Apple along with iOS 9.3. Now, this feature is gradually making its way on several Android smartphones as well. The Night Mode is a useful feature for the users.

These days, an increased number of smartphone users have troubles such as eye strain on using gadgets such as smartphones, TV screens, etc. for a prolonged duration. In such a scenario, this functionality becomes pretty useful.

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