The work of our cell phone repair technicians is backed by Cellmall warranty.  On most of our cell phone repairs we include a 180 days warranty which covers the specific repair made.  If you experience the identical problem again within the warranty period, return the phone to us and we will fix the problem free of charge. The warranty does not include water damage, physical damage or abuse.

Special Problems and Customer Options: 
Water Damage, Extremely Serious:

Ocean water contains a lot of salt.  It is highly corrosive and damage happens quickly.
Pool water contains chlorine, also highly corrosive and quick to cause damage. Household water is also corrosive, but not as severe as ocean or pool water.

Steps To Help Us Save Your Wet Cell Phone

  • Do NOT turn it on as this will cause it to short out and could cause permanent damage.  
  • Remove the battery immediately.  
  • Do NOT use a blow dryer, at best it will only seem to be dry.  The inside circuit board will still be wet. 
  • Use a Zip-Lock Bag.  Put the WET phone into a Zip-Lock bag and send it to us so that we can attempt to save the phone for you. 

Please Note:  If we are NOT able to rescue your phone, we only charge you basic service fee.  We cannot do this for free; it takes time and skill just to determine if we can actually save the phone.  If we CAN save the phone,  the basic service fee ( $35 or $15. depends on the case.) will be deducted from the repair cost.